Religious Tourism: Jammu & Kashmir marks 75 new destinations to attract religious travellers

Religious Tourism: Jammu & Kashmir marks 75 new destinations to attract religious travellers

Jammu and Kashmir administration earmarks 75 tourist destinations to enhance religious tourism after record-breaking year.

Jammu & Kashmir has designated 75 specific locations with the aim of luring religious tourists to bolster the region’s religious tourism sector. Official statistics reveal that Kashmir experienced an unprecedented surge in tourist numbers, surpassing one crore visitors in 2022. This decision was prompted by this remarkable achievement.

Syed Abid Rashid Shah, the Tourism Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, expressed optimism following the “Jashn-e-Adab—Cultural Karavaan” event. He remarked, “We are surpassing last year’s tourist influx by a significant margin this year.”

Additionally, Shah attributed the flourishing state of tourism in Jammu & Kashmir to various factors, including the recent G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting held in Srinagar, which he described as a “game changer” for boosting foreign tourist arrivals in the region, marking a significant achievement for the valley.

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Shah also disclosed that their efforts to promote lesser-known destinations had yielded promising results. The government had actively promoted 75 unique destinations within the valley to celebrate local culture.

He stated, “Furthermore, we have identified 75 destinations to cultivate spiritual experiences and an additional 75 to enrich religious tourism within Jammu and Kashmir.” He emphasized the government’s commitment to showcasing the allure of Jammu and Kashmir, highlighting a recent promotional trip by a team from the Tourism Department to Ahmedabad.

Similar successful campaigns were conducted in Cochin and Chennai, further contributing to the attraction of more tourists. With the continuous unveiling of new and distinctive destinations to both local and international travelers, the tourism industry in the region appears exceptionally promising.

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