Russia all set to launch e-visa for Indian passport holders from August 1

Russia all set to launch e-visa for Indian passport holders from August 1

Russia is all set to launch Electronic Visa (e-visa) for Indian passport holders from August 1. 2023. This move comes in the wake of enhancing bilateral ties and promoting tourism between the two nations.

With this development, it will enable Indian travellers to apply for their Russian visa swiftly and conveniently, which will further open the doors to an enriching travel experience.
As per a statement released by the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, citizens of around 52 different countries will be able avail the benefits of electronic visa.

The newly introduced e-visa will facilitate entry into the Russian Federation for a variety of purposes, including business trips, guest visits, tourism, and taking part in various events. If reports are to go by, this initiative will ensure a seamless and hassle-free visa application process for Indian tourists, thereby reducing the need for extensive documentation and lengthy processing times.

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As per the guidelines, the time required to process a single-entry visa under the e-visa system will be limited to a maximum of four calendar days. Also, the consular fee for the e-visa has been set at approximately USD 40, making it an affordable option for travellers wanting to explore Russia.

Referring to this, an official in the know-how added that the introduction of the e-visa system is a significant step forward in promoting tourism and streamlining visa procedures for Indian visitors.

With this initiative, along with Delhi-Moscow flights operated by Aeroflot airlines, Russia is all set to become more accessible than ever before. Reports further add that travellers will be granted a 60-day visa validity, which will allow them to explore the splendours of Russia for a memorable stay of up to 16 days.

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