Soon, India to have world’s largest museum in Delhi

Soon, India to have world’s largest museum in Delhi

India is all set to get the world’s largest museum soon. The upcoming Yuge Yugeen Bharat National Museum, is billed to become the world’s largest museum, which will feature eight thematic segments narrating the story of India spanning across 5,000 years.
The new museum, in the heart of the country’s capital, in North and South blocks, will cover an area of 1.17 lakh sqm, and will feature 950 rooms spread over a basement and three storeys.

PM Modi, on the occasion of the International Museum Day on May 18, launched a virtual walkthrough of the upcoming museum, when he inaugurated a three-day International Museum Expo at Pragati Maidan in Delhi.

Recently, the Prime Minister inaugurated the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) complex, developed at a cost of about IMR 2,700 crore with a campus area of approximately 123 acres, and unveiled its name – Bharat Mandapam. It’s during this inauguration that he also announced Yuge Yugeen Bharat National Museum, which will be showcasing the rich civilisational culture of India spanning over 5,000 years.

The segments will include ancient Indian knowledge, ancient to mediaeval, mediaeval to transition phase, modern India, the colonial rule, the freedom struggle, and the 100 years from 1947 onwards, including the vision ahead. Officials added that it will be a ‘forward-looking museum.’

The virtual walkthrough of the museum provided a digital experience into how the gardens and galleries in it will appear once the museum is completed. The virtual tour also showcased the galleries through exhibits, which will inform the visitor about ancient town planning systems, ancient medical knowledge, the VedasUpanishads and more.

Mauryan to Gupta Empires, Vijayanagara Empire, Mughal Empire, and the rule of several other dynasties were mentioned in the walkthrough.

Reports also add that ancient artefacts and other rich collections of the National Museum from the Janpath will be shifted to the buildings of the North and South Blocks as part of the project.

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