First Look | Unveiling of Two New Floors at Craftery by Subko Coffee Roasters in Bandra


Text: Enakshi Biswas, Photos: Pawan Parshuram Khade

A co-working space, a café, roastery and bakehouse wrapped up in one Bandra establishment

Exciting news for coffee enthusiasts in Bandra! The Bandra Subko outpost, located at Mount Mary, has addressed the previous seating issues and now offers two spacious floors to choose from. This expansion provides ample seating options for customers and introduces a co-working space.

Subko, a specialty coffee brand, has a total of nine outposts in Mumbai. Among them are six mini outposts and three main locations, namely Mount Mary in Bandra (the first to open), Byculla, and Colaba Apollo Bander.

Interestingly, the Mount Mary outpost was established just four days before the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Despite the challenges, Subko remained dedicated to showcasing the craftsmanship inherent in the specialty coffee value chain. They strive to create a unique experience that truly represents the Indian Subcontinent. Notably, Subko sources its bread, coffee beans, and cacao pods (for chocolates) locally, following a “Farm to Plate” concept. Their ultimate goal is to put Indian specialty coffee on the global map.

Among the three main Subko outposts, Byculla primarily focuses on coffee roasting, showcasing gunny bags of stacked coffee, and offering savory treats. Colaba, on the other hand, is a chocolate mill where they produce and sell chocolates. In the future, the ground floor of the Bandra Mount Mary outpost will be transformed into a dedicated Subko store, featuring Colaba chocolates and other Subko goodies.

Speaking of the Mount Mary outpost, it serves as both a roastery and a bakery. Recently, the outpost unveiled its second and third floors. The stairs lead to the second floor, which features numerous rooms and two verandas that have become popular co-working spaces. The characteristic high stool chairs enhance the ambiance. Additionally, the space under the stairs leading to the third floor offers unique seating arrangements. It accommodates groups of friends for casual discussions or individuals seeking a productive workspace. Some rooms also feature community tables suitable for larger groups or professional meetings.

One notable room is the Wheat room, where coffee lovers can sit and savor their beverages. Subko’s breads and croissants are renowned, and they source their wheat from Punjab, showcasing their commitment to indigenous ingredients

Specialty coffee refers to a coffee culture that emphasizes the origin, roasting process, flavor expression, and meticulous care given to the coffee beans. Subko aims to stay true to the essence of coffee and, therefore, doesn’t offer mass-market beverages like frappuccinos. Instead, they present Speakeasy Coffees that pay homage to the tradition of South Indian coffee.

Some of the favorites at Subko include “SIF on the rocks,” a unique shaken or stirred coffee preparation. Single origin coffees are prominently displayed on the wall, accompanied by detailed descriptions of their production processes. Other popular brews include the 16-hour brew, refreshing Cascara Lemonade, and Subko Lavender Coffee.

In terms of innovative coffee offerings, Subko provides options like Honey Cappuccino, Peppermint Mint Coffee (both hot and cold), Latte, and a Baccha-chino with vanilla essence sourced locally. They also serve Cask Barrel and Coffee Tonic, which are non-milk-based coffee beverages.

Subko’s menu extends beyond coffee to include delicious eats. Indulge in treats like the wholesome Chocolate Fudgy Kashmiri Walnut Cookie, pistachio-stuffed cookie, chocolate hazelnut tart, croissants, tea cake, babka loaf, Nutella-stuffed cruffin, and chocolate brownie. The Podi Toast, which tends to sell out quickly, comes highly recommended. Pair it with a hot chocolate brewed on-site!

For content creators, the second floor offers a unique space called “On Air,” serving as a screening room where they can showcase their work to an audience. Currently, documentaries about the making of Subko coffee are screened here, allowing coffee lovers to learn more about their beloved beverage. Adjacent to this room, a typographic wall featuring multi-coloured tiles with interesting typography serves as a creative focal point, with new designs regularly replacing the existing ones.

On the third floor, known as “The Loft,” guests can enjoy Japanese-style low seating arrangements. In one corner, a video game corner brings back childhood memories, allowing people to play Super Mario. To further evoke nostalgia, the tables on this floor will soon double as carrom boards, inviting anyone to engage in friendly matches.

Lastly, there is a doorway that leads to the terrace, aptly named the “Cliched Parisian Corner.” Here, visitors can bring locks, make wishes, and attach them to the structure, reminiscent of the lock bridges found in Europe.

Subko’s ultimate goal is to establish a genuine Asian specialty coffee movement that can represent the region globally. The Subko Specialty Bakehouse embodies a synthesis of old and new, combining the culture of daily bread with a risk-taking approach to flavors. The team begins their work at 5 am every day, constantly pushing boundaries to create extraordinary craft bread and viennoiserie. This commitment to craft innovation is mirrored in their exclusive selection of Indian specialty coffee origins.

Address: Ground Floor, Mary Lodge, 21A, Chapel Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

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