This Airline Has Started To Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

This Airline Has Started To Weigh Passengers Before Boarding

New Zealand’s national airline has started weighing passengers before they board international flights! As per the latest news reports, the airline will now be asking passengers to step on the scales, so that their weight can be measured and recorded.

It says it wants to weigh 10,000 passengers during a month-long survey, so pilots can get a better idea of the weight and balance of their planes before takeoff.

Reports have it that the numbers from the scales won’t be flashing up for all to see, as there will be no visible display anywhere. This is what the airline has promised and since weight is a personal thing, it also added that the weigh-in data will remain anonymous even to airline staff.

An official from the said airline added that they weigh everything that goes on the aircraft, from the meals onboard, cargo and to the luggage in the hold as the numbers are required by the nation’s industry watchdog, the Civil Aviation Authority.

So, travellers will be asked to stand on a digital scale before boarding the flight, the information of which will be then submitted to the survey, which will not be viewable on the agent’s screen.

Reportedly, the passengers will also be asked to put their luggage on another identical scale for separate weighing.

As of now, among the people who may be asked to take part in the survey are those travelling on the direct flight from Auckland to New York City’s JFK Airport.

The airline further added that the survey will continue till July 2.

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