This Spanish city will soon be home to Europe’s biggest airport

This Spanish city will soon be home to Europe’s biggest airport

The goal is to increase capacity to a whopping 90 million passengers per year

The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport plays a pivotal role as a key aviation hub for Spain, presently welcoming approximately 50 million passengers and facilitating 352,000 flights annually. However, ambitious plans are underway to significantly enhance its capacity, signaling a forthcoming transformation for the airport.

Aena, the managing company responsible for El Prat airport in Barcelona as well, envisions expanding the Madrid-Barajas Airport to accommodate a greater number of passengers. The aim is to position it as the largest airport in the European Union, boasting an impressive capacity of 90 million passengers per year.

Already holding the title of Spain’s largest and busiest airport, Madrid-Barajas contributes significantly to the economic vitality of the city, contributing 9.7 percent to Madrid’s GDP.

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While the project is slated to commence in 2031, it comes with a substantial budget of approximately 2.4 billion and is expected to generate around 60,000 jobs. Planners anticipate the airport becoming a crucial nexus between America and Asia, with the new terminals one, two, and three forming an Asian ‘hub.’

However, reaching this vibrant city isn’t limited to air travel alone. Recently announced is the potential revival of the Madrid to Lisbon sleeper, discontinued in 2020. Regardless of your mode of transportation, Madrid offers a wealth of experiences, from delectable tapas to captivating exhibitions and a plethora of exciting activities.

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