News at 9: Now order Starbucks based on your zodiac sign, Indian and Italian fusion menu at LA’s new sports bar and more

News at 9: Now order Starbucks based on your zodiac sign, Indian and Italian fusion menu at LA's new sports bar and more

You can now order Starbucks based on your Zodiac sign, LA’s best new sports bar has a menu featuring a fusion of Indian and Italian flavours, Queen Elizabeth’s former chef just opened a Fish and Chips truck in Vancouver and more in top stories of the day.

You Can Now Order Starbucks Based on Your Zodiac Sign

For many people, astrological signs can tell you a lot: your personality traits, your strengths and weaknesses, and if you’re romantically compatible with that person you just started texting. And now, thanks to Starbucks, your sign can now reveal your perfect drink order.

To celebrate the astrological new year, which starts today, the coffee shop has launched Starbucks Star Signs. Starbucks fans who visit will be asked to enter their zodiac sign and choose whether they prefer a coffee break in the morning or afternoon. From there, they’ll receive their Starbucks drink recommendation along with their spring horoscope, power words, spring color, and spring flower. The new promotion serves as a partnership between Starbucks and the astrology app Sanctuary.

LA’s Best New Sports Bar Has A Menu Featuring A Fusion Of Indian And Italian Flavors

Pijja Palace, a hip and creative new sports bar in Los Angeles already draws lines out the door even before it opens, with customers eager to take a seat in the sleek, modern dining space that’s flanked on all sides by flatscreens, reminding all that this is a legit sports bar — that just so happens to serve up the most unique sports bar food in the country. Think Italian food interpreted through Naran’s Indian-American lens.

Chef Miles Shorey oversees the kitchen, churning out one-of-a-kind dishes like Dosa Onion Rings, Green Chutney Pijja (pijja being a play on ‘pizza’), Malai Rigatoni, and an outstanding Tandoori Spaghetii. Trust, this is food that comes with a lot of depth and nuance, without being to high brow for the sports bar crowd.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Former Chef Just Opened a Fish and Chips Truck

Darren McGrady, a former chef Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace and later a private chef for Princess Diana, is the proud co-founder of a food truck that specializes in fish and chips.

McGrady opened Winston’s British Fish N Chips with Timothy Johnson, and their first location is now serving crispy battered cod and thick-cut chips in Vancouver, Washington. According to the Winston’s Fish and Chips Instagram account, some of the current menu offerings include a Fish and Chips Supper that comes with traditional accompaniments like mushy peas, tartar sauce, and “chip shop” curry sauce; a Winston’s Kings Feast Sampler which adds two chicken wings and a bowl of fish chowder to the basic supper; six “Kings Wings” that are well-slathered in “Sweet Fire London Sauce”; and an eight-ounce bowl of smoked fish chowder that was made using a recipe dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria. 

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