11 Best Places To Travel For Solo Women Travellers

11 Best Places To Travel For Solo Women Travellers

Whether it is because your family or friends cannot join you, or for soul-searching and self-discovery, or you just want some peace and quiet, and want to explore on your terms, solo travelling is a rewarding experience. Not only can one enjoy the freedom that comes with it but it is also a great way to make new friends and provides an opportunity for reflection.

It is on solo trips that prejudices dissolve, you begin to trust humanity and yourself, you learn to push through your fears—be it talking to strangers, or walking alone into a fine dining restaurant. You learn to ‘ask’, to receive, to give and to take. That said, traveling alone isn’t always easy and choosing the right destination can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. So the TFN team has come up with a list of countries ideal for both first-time and experienced solo travelers — safe destinations where you can expect a warm welcome.

So book that ticket, and get ready to go on a solo adventure of a lifetime.

1. Japan

From hot springs to beaches and hiking trails, Japan has it all! With many UNESCO heritage sites and the best food, Japan is the perfect place to visit for solo travellers. The language barrier may seem daunting at first, but the country’s public transport is easy to navigate and with translation apps, you can finally tick cherry blossom and Mt. Fuji off your travel list. Crime rates are low so you are at ease to explore as much as you like.

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2. Iceland

A haven for travellers who love the great outdoors. The place is filled with caves and caverns that are just begging to be explored, volcanos and glaciers and geothermal spas to soak in- all these and much more awaits the traveller in Iceland. Iceland is also the most peaceful country according to a recent Global Peace Index report, so solo travellers can explore the country peacefully. You can also view the Northern Lights for a magical experience.

3. Switzerland

Known for its stunning beauty and milk chocolate, Switzerland is best travelled by train. Purchase a Swiss Travel Pass with which you can get unlimited access to train, bus and boats. So pack your bags and get ready to view breath-taking waterfalls, lush forests and serene lakes, visit medieval castles, drink Swiss wine and hike in the Alps. If you love chocolates as much as we do, take a chocolate-themed walking tour in Lucerne and Zurich.

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4. Spain

With a little bit of everything- architecture, art museums, Mediterranean coastline, exciting hikes and delicious food, Spain is a great place to visit for solo female travellers. It is often rated highly for its women’s rights. Wander Parc Guell, in Barcelona, visit the Picasso Museum or relax on Ocata Beach in Barcelona. If you are the adventurous type then try hiking through Caminito del Rey in Malaga.

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5. New Zealand

The second most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index, New Zealand was one of the most prominent countries in the fight against COVID19, being the first one to eradicate the virus. A popular destination for backpackers, hikers, thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiast in general, the country is a haven for anyone looking for an exciting solo trip and provides a great chance to meet new people. Cruise through rainforests, relax near waterfalls of Milford Sound, hike through Franz Josef Glacier, trek through the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, explore Waitomo Gloworm Caves or spend a day whale-watching at Bay of Plenty.

6. Finland

Home to 3 million saunas from Helsinki to Tampere and Savonlinna, Finland is a great place for people who want to take time off from their busy lives and find some peace. Other than this it is known for its magnificent architecture, museums, parks and more. Visit the beaches and lighthouses or spend time in Finland’s wooden towns of Rauma or Loviisa. Visit during the winter to view the stunning Northern Lights and maybe even ride a reindeer!

7. Germany

With a highly efficient rail network, connecting several major cities, you can move around Germany at ease. Explore museums, cafes, historical sites, parks and exciting nightlife in Berlin and Frankfurt or visit a few of Germany’s 20,000 castles which make you feel like you have entered into a fairy tale world. Germany is incredibly safe and most people speak English so you don’t even have to worry about the language barrier making it a great place for solo travellers.

8. Canada

Attracting female travellers for being safe, having a solid women’s rights record, Canada is home to a wide range of scenery –from snowy mountain tops to lush forests, serene lakes and waterfalls, and peaceful countryside. As much as the cities are exciting in their way, nature has plenty to offer for adventure seekers.

9. Chile

Start from the capital of Santiago and head to Chilean fjords, moving to Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park. With film worthy landscapes, Chile is great for hikers and backpackers. With arid deserts, vibrant city life, historic cities, peaceful camping spots and lively beaches, Chile has something for everyone. It has low crime rates and is ranked twenty-fourth in the Global Peace Index. Santiago is easy to navigate by foot or bicycle and is surrounded by scenic mountains which you can hike, or simply explore the capitals boutique shops, cafes, bars, museums and art galleries.

10. United States

Whether it’s the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, or the intoxicating buzz of New York City, the trippy wine trails of Napa Valley, or Bar-B-Cue and Whiskey trail in Nashville, top-notch museums and parks in Chicago or the magic kingdom in Orlando, the history, art and culture of Washington, DC or the iconic cable cars and restaurants and scenic neighborhoods of San Francisco, the thrill of the open road from coast to coast, or the seashores stretching from New England to Hawaii – the U.S. pretty much has a way for every type of solo traveler to feel free. But what it really does best specially for women solo travellers is adventure travel (come on, there are 59 national parks to explore). From Arizona’s magnificent Grand Canyon to Montana’s Glacier National Park (includes more than 700 lakes), California’s most visited Yosemite to Wyoming’s Yellowstone (first National park), Utah’s Zion (for adventure seekers) to Denver’s Rockies (for the stunning alpine views) – take your pick! You don’t need a travel buddy to explore this gorgeous country.

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11. Austria

Ranking fourth in the International Women’s Travel Centre’s list for being one of the best countries for solo female travellers, Austria is a must-visit for those who want to experience the fine culture. Explore Vienna, the City of Music and attend concerts at the State Opera House or the Musikverein or explore one of the 100 museums, and taste the traditional Viennese coffee at a local café. The country has beautiful landscapes with snow-capped mountains, green forests and crystal-clear lakes. With a combination of both art, food and culture along with great adventures, Austria is a place for every type of traveller.

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