Haagen-Dazs Just Dropped Pints With Fewer Calories


Photo : © Haagen-Dazs

Much needed happy news amidst lockdown. Haagen-Dazs announced a new ice cream creation. Its new line of Soft Dipped Bars features three different flavors of ice cream covered in a soft chocolate truffle coating. Named Heaven – these new pints deliver the decadent ice cream Haagen-Dazs fans know and love with one added treat: fewer calories. Every container of Heaven has 230 calories or less per serving, and there are no artificial sweeteners. The flavors include: Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Peanut Butter Chip, and Strawberry Waffle Cone, which includes crunchy pieces of chocolate. There’s also one other option—Cold Brew Espresso Chip, which we personally plan to try ASAP. It has chocolate espresso chips combined with coffee ice cream.

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