People Are Getting JetBlue’s Cheese And Cracker Snacks Delivered To Their Homes


Our inability to travel these days has led us to recreate airplane window views, vacation scenes, and scroll through our camera rolls in complete nostalgic despair. It was only a matter of time before we truly hit rock bottom in our desire for the total travel experience: eating airplane food. Yes, people are actually getting airplane food delivered to their homes. It seems undesirable and maybe like a cry for help, but it’s really a noble act!
The online surplus-stock grocery delivery company Imperfect Foods–which aims to eliminate food waste–is delivering three-ounce snack packs of mixed cheeses, crackers, and dried cherries from JetBlue Airways for $2.99. Since airplane food is usually not a hot commodity, the company worked to make the packaging better for safety reasons and more appealing in the process.

“This was one of our first COVID-19 food waste recovery opportunities,” chief executive of Imperfect Foods Philip Behn told The Washington Post. The company has sold 40,000 cheese and snack trays to prevent food waste and has many eager clients looking for people to buy pounds of food that was originally meant for restaurant, hotel, and travel businesses.
If you really love airline food or simply miss it, you might as well buy it to help prevent food waste. Eating airplane food is a virtuous act in 2020. Don’t you agree?

First appeared on Delish.Com

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