The Czech Capital Is Transforming Old Ice Vaults Into Spaces For Eateries

Prague Ice Vault

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As part of a huge regeneration project ice vaults along Prague’s Vltava River have been transformed into spaces for cafés, bars, workshops and studios.

Originally used to store ice, 20 of the renewed vaults will serve as spaces for workshops, galleries, studios and clubs, with one being a library branch and some being used as a space for neighbourhood meetings and public toilets. The vaults can be changed for a number of different uses, with the design process concentrating on the different possible adjustments.

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The €6.5 million (£5.9 million, $7.2million or A$10.6 million) development by Petr Janda of Brainwork architects has been in the works since 2009 and forms part of a wider scheme to redevelop the long-neglected waterfront.

This first phase – which has involved revitalising a huge four-kilometre stretch of former shipyards along the river – is Prague’s largest investment in public space since 1989.

The area surrounding these ice vaults has been pretty much deserted following severe floods in 2002. It was later used as a parking lot and, since renovation started, has played host to an increasing number of big-hitting cultural events.

The vaults’ new tenants were selected by a jury following a competition that was open to the public, though many were already running businesses in the riverfront area.

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