Wandering Chef Stories Ep 1: Chops At Bravado | San Francisco


Chef’s Food Diary | November 12, 2020 : I had Chai (Tea) in the morning and went for a walk on the Pier in San Francisco. Beautiful weather & the morning workout got me hungry . I saw a small inviting Café and just felt I have eat here.

So here’s what I ordered: Fruit Parfait, Santa Fe Omelette, Chicken Chipotle Wrap, a Hot Pastrami Sandwich. I paired all of this with their signature ‘Prohibition Ale’ – more about that later.

The fruits in the parfait were very sweet and I could tell they were from a special supplier.

The Santa Fe Omelette was stuffed with flavorful grilled vegetables and topped with 3 tasty sauces and came with Sourdough Toast.

The beer ‘Prohibition Ale’ sounded tempting , I was glad I ordered it , it was American Amber / Red Category , tasty with juicy grapefruit , citrus , pine , spice & candied caramel malts.

Now look at that Chicken Chipotle Wrap and the Hot Pastrami Sandwich on a Dutch Crunch Roll! Drooling are you?

Again everyone was amazed at the flavors & taste , it is the sauces and seasoning they use here that has made this place stand out.

The cafe is located opposite the SF Giants Stadium & am told many of the Baseball players eat here . I can understand why.

The things I look for before entering a neighborhood cafe are cleanliness, modern and trendy interior and exterior but most importantly – food that knocks you out, or flavours that hit your nose. Bravado cafe is all this and more!

Address: Bravado Lounge | 170 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 

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