Japan: 3 Recently Launched Rules That You Should Be Aware Of

Japan: 3 Recently Launched Rules That You Should Be Aware Of

Consider Japan as your destination for this year’s travel plans. It promises a distinctive experience, boasting a plethora of attractions suitable for all types of travelers. Whether you seek the tranquility of ancient temples or the vibrancy of modern cities, Japan caters to every preference.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to be mindful of the rules and regulations implemented in Japan.

Climbing Mount Fuji

Each year, Mount Fuji attracts millions of visitors, captivated by its iconic status in Japan. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, conquering its summit offers an exhilarating adventure for nature lovers. However, in response to the increasing number of tourists, the Japanese Government has implemented specific changes to ensure both safety and the preservation of the mountain’s ecosystem.

Under the new regulations, the daily limit for climbers has been set at 4,000. Furthermore, guides will strictly enforce safety protocols to mitigate any potential incidents.

Encountering Geishas in Kyoto

Japan: Kyoto imposes ban on tourist entry into the private alleys of Geisha district

Kyoto, celebrated as Japan’s cultural hub, beckons travelers with its rich history and lively ambiance. Among its attractions, the Gion district stands out as the abode of the iconic Geishas. Nevertheless, issues of over-tourism and disrespectful conduct have raised safety alarms for these cultural treasures. In response, measures have been taken to safeguard the Geishas. Certain sections of Gion are now off-limits to tourists, and hefty fines await those who engage in unauthorized photography. Additionally, numerous establishments have shifted focus to serving Geishas, their patrons, and the local community exclusively.

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Japan’s six-month Digital Nomad Visa

Exciting news awaits individuals planning an extended stay in Japan. The country is set to introduce a six-month digital nomad visa, replacing the previous 90-day restriction. This visa will enable remote workers to delve deeper into Japan’s culture and lifestyle over an extended period. Its introduction underscores Japan’s dedication to embracing international visitors and promoting innovation within its workforce.

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