The 6 Best Pasta Brands For Your Pantry In 2021

The 6 Best Pasta Brands For Your Pantry In 2021

There are few things in life more comforting than a rich and satisfying bowl of pasta. Whether you’re making a chunky bolognese for dinner or a fresh pesto sauce for a refreshing pasta salad, choosing the right pasta shape, size, and flavor can truly make or break a dish.

While nothing tastes as great (and feels as special!) as making fresh pasta from scratch, but these brands come pretty darn close.

1. Colavita Pappardelle Nest Pasta

If you’re whipping up a batch of homemade Bolognese sauce for Sunday dinner, the only noodle shape up for the task of clinging to that sauce is classic pappardelle. More toothsome than spaghetti, but still a long pasta that can be twirled around a fork, this boxed pasta tastes almost as good as a homemade recipe. These pappardelle nests from Colavita make cooking fun — just drop a nest or two into a pot of salted boiling water and simmer for 8 minutes until it’s al dente. This pasta will make any meat sauce sing.

2. Barilla

There’s a chance that you’ve already used Barilla products in your kitchen — and for good reason. It seems that most supermarkets in India carry a wide array of Barilla’s products, which include its regular line of 35 plus shapes and cuts, as well as a few specialty lines. You could either get the classic shape like penne or spaghetti or for al dente lovers, there’s Barilla’s Collezione variety, which contains noodles that are cut to stay more rigid than their regular counterparts.

3. De Cecco

A close runner up, De Cecco is just as versatile as Barilla’s line and, if you’re browsing the pasta section in your local store, may have just as many options. Also De Cecco is often on sale on amazon; whether it’s buy-one-get-one, or a special reduction on a certain shape, you should take the opportunity to stock up.

4. Pastificio Di Martino

Made in Italy, Pastificio Di Martino produces luxe pasta that feels like the ultimate splurge for any fanatic. Case in point: The brand collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana back in 2017 to create hand-wrapped noodles for trendsetters who couldn’t live without a Dolce-designed apron and kitchen accessories, too. Nowadays, you’ll find their noodles in most speciality stores — and some shapes, like this macaroni, online.

6. Dal Raccolto Strozzapreti Pasta

Strozzapreti Emiliani from Dal Raccolto is artisanal pasta from the region of Emilia. It is made with the finest quality durum wheat semolina and has no salt or artificial ingredients. This fresh pasta is produced with much care to preserve its unique flavor and aromatic characteristics. Its delicate dough is carefully hand-rolled and twisted into a sophisticated shape, and slowly air-dried. As a result, you get the perfect Strozzapreti with natural taste, vibrant color, and delightful texture. Strozzapreti Emiliani pasta is easy to cook and offers numerous ways to relish an authentic Italian dish. Because of its shape, it pairs ideally with creamy tomato sauces and chunks of meat or vegetables. It works perfectly with any baked pasta dish as well.

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