Beyond Coffee | 10 Breakfast Drinks From Around The World

Beyond Coffee | 6 Breakfast Drinks From Around The World

How to tackle those morning blues without coffee.

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, and people around the world have their own unique ways of starting their mornings. While some opt for a simple cup of coffee or tea, others enjoy more elaborate and flavorful breakfast drinks that reflect their cultural traditions.

Here are 10 breakfast drinks from around the world that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Salep or Sahleb, Turkey

Before the rise of tea and coffee culture, a fragrant, creamy breakfast beverage called salep or sahleb was popular in the Ottoman Empire. Dried orchid root flour (sahleb) was added to hot water, sometimes milk, to make a thick potion. This was sweetened and often laced with orange flower or rose water, and sprinkled with cinnamon. Cafés across Istanbul still make it in the traditional way.

Chocolate En Leche De Coco, Colombia

In Colombia, traditional hot chocolate is made in a special metal pot called the chocolatera. While chocolate caliente con agua and chocolate santafereño, made with water and milk, are classics, the chocolate caliente con leche made with coconut milk is pure indulgence. Colombians take the decadence one level higher by dunking cubes of white cheese into the frothy concoction and eating them partially melted.

Mate, Argentina

In Argentina, mate is a popular breakfast drink that is deeply ingrained in the country’s culture. Mate is a traditional South American drink made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant. It is steeped in hot water and sipped through a metal straw called a bombilla. Mate is known for its stimulating effects and is often shared among friends and family.

Matcha Latte, Japan

Matcha, a finely ground powdered green tea, has gained popularity worldwide, and in Japan, it is often enjoyed as a breakfast beverage. Matcha lattes are made by whisking matcha powder with hot water and frothy milk. This vibrant and antioxidant-rich drink provides a calm yet focused start to the day.

Kahwa, Kashmir

Kahwa is a traditional Kashmiri drink made with green tea, saffron, cardamom, almonds, and other aromatic spices. It is often served in small cups, and enjoyed as a breakfast drink or served with sweet treats in the evening. Kahwa is known for its warming properties and is a popular choice during the cooler months.

Horchata, Mexico

Horchata is a popular Mexican breakfast drink made from rice, almonds, or other nuts. The ingredients are soaked, ground, and strained to create a smooth and refreshing beverage. Horchata is often sweetened with cinnamon and served over ice, making it a perfect choice for a warm morning in Mexico.

Api Morado, Bolivia

Grape-coloured, thick, and creamy api morado is Bolivia’s most popular breakfast drink, most often served hot. This smoothie-like beverage is made with purple corn flour, sugar, and water, and spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Api blanco the white corn version is just as sweetly delicious.

Agua Dulce, Costa Rica

Costa Ricans love to begin the day on a sweet note with sugary agua dulce, instead of coffee. Scrapings of tapa de dulce, brown cane sugar blocks that look like jaggery, are dissolved in boiling water to make the honey-like agua dulce or “sweet water.”

Wattlecino, Australia

Wattle seeds from the native acacia tree have long been used by Australia’s Aboriginal communities. Of late, its coffee-chocolate-hazelnut flavour has caught the attention of dessert chefs and café owners too. Like coffee, the ground seeds are steeped in hot water, and added to milk creating an aromatic morning drink.

Hot Soy Milk, China

In China youtiao or doughnuts make the perfect breakfast accompaniment to a large bowl of hot soy milk. In the 1800s this mildly flavoured, protein-rich milk became a popular beverage in China and continues to be sold in every shop and street-side stall from the early hours of the morning.

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