Healthy Baked Salmon With Salsa Greens

Baked Salmon - Zahir

One of our favorite ways to enjoy salmon is to bake and serve with a little Mexican flavor. Our Brisbane-based columnist Zahir Meher-Homji shares the recipe for ‘Homemade Baked Salmon With Salsa Greens’, for an easy weeknight meal or even for a dinner party. You may also substitute the Salmon for Snapper/ Pearl Perch.

Ingredients of Baked Salmon with Salsa Greens

Filet of salmon/ snapper/ pearl perch
Kipfler potatoes (Or 1 potato thinly sliced)
Asparagus spears (a bunch)
Broccolini (a bunch)
Roma tomatoes (sliced)
1 Lemon have

Method of Salsa Green

Sear fish quickly on a pan. Top with seasoning and paprika.
Parboil potatoes.
Set oven to 180 degrees
Place fish and vegetables in separate containers and place in the oven till fish is cooked.
Place kipflers on a plate.
Cross asparagus spears & broccoli
Roast tomato as a garnish on the plate
Drizzle with lemon butter

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