Netflix Has A New show Called ‘Street Food: Latin America’ That Will Make You Hungry Just By Watching

Netfilx Street Food Show

Photo – Netflix Street Food: Latin America

Get ready to embark on a virtual food tasting trail featuring some of the most delicious Latin American Street Food from Mexican Tortillas to Columbian Ajiaco and from Peruvian Picarones to Argentinian Alfajores!

Netflix just released a new show that combines travel, culture, and food in a way that will make it worthy of your must-watch list. From the people behind Chef’s Table comes Street Food: Latin America, a show that follows the stories of street food vendors across South America, and even the short two-minute trailer will make you hungry.

Unlike some other travel food shows, this one doesn’t have a host or “expert” who is there to explain or interject into the narrative. The real stars in this series are the street vendors themselves and the stories they share. For example, in the first episode (which is centered around Argentina), the vendors talk about how cultural values like football and family influence the food and its preparation.

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The series became available for streaming on July 21, and it’s already in the top 10 for TV shows on Netflix. From well-known foods like tortillas to more specialized beverages like mezcal, Street Food: Latin America explores Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru to show viewers what goes into the traditional foods of those areas.

Consider this series a way to cure your FOMO and satisfy your travel bug while you stay safe at home. The style of the show is educational, and it will almost feel like you’re getting a super exclusive list of places with the most authentic street food of the area to check our during your next visit—just make sure you have some good binge-watching snacks on hand, of course.

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