Slovenia’s Commitment To Responsible Green And Safe Tourism

Europe's Green&Safe Capital Slovenia Reopens With A Focus On 5-star Experiences

Slovenia is delighted to announce that it is welcoming tourists once again. The time has come for visitors to immerse themselves in the country’s amazing natural beauty and enjoy truly unique 5* experiences safe in the knowledge that Slovenia remains one of the most sustainable and trustworthy countries in the world.

GREEN&SAFE – A commitment to responsible, green and safe tourism

Understandably, safety and trust will be vitally important to travellers in 2021. Slovenia is already considered one of the world’s safest and greenest countries, and the comprehensive GREEN&SAFE responsible travel standard will ensure that travellers remain safe as tourism starts to reopen. Slovenia was one of the first countries in the world to receive a Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council.  

Europe's Green&Safe Capital Slovenia Reopens With A Focus On 5-star Experiences
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The GREEN&SAFE label represents Slovenia’s commitment to responsible, green, and safe tourism. It is presented to those tourism businesses and destinations that guarantee travellers the highest possible hygiene standards and protocols. In addition to the EU-wide Green Certificate, Slovenia has accelerated its country-wide vaccination programme and introduced a ‘Reconvalescent, Vaccinated, Negative Test’ (RVT) system that has allowed restaurants, accommodations and cultural events to slowly reopen

Surround yourself with natural beauty

In Slovenia everything is green no matter which direction you turn – towards the Alpine peaks and forests, the Adriatic Sea, the mysterious Karst and nearby vineyards, or the Pannonian Plain.
So escape the crowds and follow one of Slovenia’s countless hiking trails, panoramic cycling routes and extensive bridleways in search of breathtaking views.

Enjoy a taste of something new

People sitting at the cafe in the old city centre near the city hall in Ljubljana. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and famous european tourist destination.
People sitting at the cafe in the old city centre near the city hall in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia | Photo : Shutterstock

Slovenia is the European Region of Gastronomy 2021, and what better way to celebrate the reawakening of tourism than to explore Slovenia’s culinary scene. Slovenia combines a rich natural larder and historic food traditions with influences spanning Italy in the west, Austria in the north and Hungary and Croatia to the east. Pair this with world-class chefs, a new Michelin guide and world leading wines, and you begin to understand why Slovenia is considered one of Europe’s most exciting new culinary capitals.

Travellers from green countries can stay in Slovenia without restrictions. This is generally not the case for travellers from third countries traveling for non-urgent reasons, including tourism. Before leaving, check travel recommendations on the official websites of the country from which you travel.

Potica, Slovenian traditional sweet roll with walnuts
Potica, Slovenian traditional sweet roll with walnuts

Travel Update : Please note that there could be travel restrictions because of the ongoing pandemic. Before travelling, please always check the latest government advice about COVID-19 travel restrictions in your destination.

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