California Welcomes Travelers to the Ultimate Playground with New Global Brand Platform

California Welcomes Travelers to the Ultimate Playgroundwith New Global Brand Platform

The state’s first brand evolution in more than a decade, grounded in research from the National Institute for Play, inspires visitors to realize a fun and free-spirited vacation in California.

Visit California has launched a fresh brand concept named The Ultimate Playground, with the goal of encouraging individuals to embark on a lively and carefree journey to the state.

As a component of this branding initiative, a 30-second television commercial titled ‘Let’s Play’ will be broadcasted in the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and China.

Caroline Beteta, president and chief executive of Visit California, expressed, “Travel provides us with the freedom to indulge in play, and California provides every visitor with the chance to engage in activities that resonate with them.”

The concept of The Ultimate Playground is inspired by a study conducted in the US, highlighting the significance of play in our everyday experiences.

Key findings from the research include Visit California’s discovery that 66% of UK travelers express a desire for more play in their lives, along with the marketing body’s assertion that 43% believe “holidays are the only opportunity I have to truly unwind and engage in play.”

Beteta emphasized, “California’s vibrant lifestyle, combined with our myriad of experiences, offer something unparalleled – California is The Ultimate Playground.

“The significance of play is backed by science, and the majority of every generation feels they don’t allocate enough time for play. It’s time for that to shift.”

The US study, conducted by the National Institute for Play, is titled ‘The Power of Play: Losing and Finding Ourselves through Everyday Play.’

A new section on also features a quiz for travelers to identify their “play style” and connects visitors to regions of California and activities that align with each style.

The new global brand platform is rooted in science and research that says people around the world are seeking more play in their daily lives, and in their travels. Data was gathered through Visit California’s own consumer research team, as well a recent study from the National Institute of Play – both of which revealed that play and adventure are increasingly important in our ever-evolving world.

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