Finland becomes the first European nation to test the digital passports

Finland becomes the first European nation to test the digital passports

While the trial is happening in Finland, the EU expects 80% of its citizens to opt for a digital passport by 2030.

Finland has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the pioneering European nation to initiate trials of digital passports globally. These cutting-edge digital travel credentials (DTCs) are poised to revolutionize international travel, promising to streamline the process and spare travelers from enduring lengthy queues.

This picturesque European country has officially embarked on its inaugural DTC trial, essentially transforming your smartphone into a passport. This groundbreaking pilot program is currently underway in Helsinki, forged through a partnership involving Finnair, the airport management firm Finavia, and the Finnish police.

Presently, this initiative exclusively caters to Finnish citizens, with a focus on flights to London, Edinburgh, and Manchester, commencing at the close of August. However, Finland is not alone in exploring this innovative approach. The European Commission had extended invitations to various European nations to explore similar possibilities the previous year. Croatia enthusiastically embraced the opportunity, and a parallel pilot program is scheduled to unfold in Zagreb later in 2023.

But how does it function exactly?

Finnish volunteers eager to participate must first register with the Finnish police and install a designated app. Subsequently, they are required to secure an appointment at the Vantaa police station, conveniently situated near Helsinki Airport. Volunteers must carry a physical copy of their passport and complete a consent form during their visit.

A photograph of the volunteers is captured during this process, enabling the activation of the DTCs. Following these preliminary steps, volunteers can utilize their digital passports either for flights departing from Helsinki Airport to the United Kingdom or on direct Finnair flights bound for Helsinki Airport.

In addition to these steps, volunteers are also obliged to transmit their data to the Finnish Border Guard via the app between 36 and four hours before their departure. A dedicated queue is established for volunteers at the passport control in Helsinki.

The Finnish Border Guard asserts that these digital passports will facilitate swift border crossings without compromising on security measures.

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