Meghalaya Pineapple Festival Inaugurated In New Delhi

Meghalaya Pineapple Festival Inaugurated In New Delhi

On August 18, the Meghalaya Pineapple Fest – 2023 was inaugurated at the iconic Dilli Haat in New Delhi.

The festival served as a vibrant celebration of Meghalaya’s renowned Kew pineapples, lauding their succulent taste and quality.

Union Minister for Rural Development & Panchayati Ra, Giriraj Singh, speaking at the event’s inauguration, commended the Government of Meghalaya for its forward-thinking approach in hosting this festival. He emphasized its role in promoting sustainable agricultural practices, fostering inter-state collaboration, and improving the livelihoods of farmers. He emphasized the significance of agricultural diversity and the wealth of opportunities it offers in our nation’s agricultural landscape.

Singh also highlighted the importance of events like these in encouraging the exploration of agricultural practices unique to each state for the benefit of all.

“Meghalaya’s pineapples have earned a reputation for their exceptional taste and quality. This event not only showcases this distinctive produce but also acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the farmers who cultivate our land,” he added.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya Chief Minister Sangma emphasized that the festival represented a significant moment in sharing Meghalaya’s culture, agriculture, and unity with the world.

Meghalaya Pineapple Festival inaugurated in New Delhi

“The Meghalaya Pineapple Fest goes beyond celebrating our state’s delectable produce. It is a platform to showcase our culture’s diversity, the innovation in our agriculture, and the unity that binds our people. Our pineapples are more than fruits; they are a testament to our fertile land, committed farmers, and the rich legacy of Meghalaya,” Sangma remarked.

He highlighted that with persistent efforts from the Government of Meghalaya and its stakeholders, Meghalaya’s pineapples were now available in malls across Dubai, Kuwait, and Sharjah. He also mentioned the establishment of a mobile processing unit to enhance production.

Sangma emphasized that Meghalaya’s pineapples are primarily cultivated without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in minimal heavy metal and pesticide residue in the fruit. These characteristics make them highly marketable both nationally and internationally.

He expressed gratitude to the Government of India for providing a platform to showcase Meghalaya’s achievements and aspirations.

On the occasion of the 77th Independence Day, Meghalaya unveiled its ambitious plan, ‘Magnificent Meghalaya,’ aimed at doubling the state’s GDP, with agriculture and allied sectors as key drivers of economic growth. The statement emphasized the sector’s potential to create numerous employment opportunities in the next five years.

Meghalaya’s favorable agro-climatic conditions, organic farming practices, and unique crop varieties contribute to the exceptional quality and taste of its agricultural products. High-value items like Lakadong Turmeric, the GI-tagged Khasi mandarin, and Kew pineapples are gaining recognition and finding their way into European and Middle Eastern markets.

The statement also noted that Meghalaya, with its impressive pineapple production, ranks among the top five pineapple-producing states in India, contributing significantly to the North-Eastern States’ collective pineapple output.

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