The World’s Most Instagrammed Waterfall Is In New York

The World’s Most Instagrammed Waterfall Is In New York

New York is home to the most popular waterfall on Instagram—at least according to a new survey led by Showers to You.

The website collated Instagram data associated to waterfalls found all over the world and, with 3.4 million hashtags, our very own Niagara Falls landed at the number one spot.

Rounding out the top 20 are other United States-specific entries, including Multnomah Falls in Oregon (#6), Yosemite Falls (#7) and Bridalveil Fall (#9) in California, Snoqualmie Falls in Washington (#10), Arizona’s Havasu Falls (#13) and Shoshone Falls in Idaho (#17). 

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The survey also delved into folks’ proclivity for travel. Out of 3,296 respondents, 33% revealed their worries about not being able to ever visit locations on their travel bucket lists while 24% admitted to having considered paying for virtual tour experiences. A pretty hefty 59%, on the other hand, stated their willingness to flout current restrictions to visit a destination they’ve always wanted to travel to. Risky, indeed.

Below, check out the top 20 most popular waterfalls in the world on Instagram… and start adding them all to your must-visit list.

1. Niagara Falls, Canada/USA
2. Iguazú Falls, Argentina
3. Gullfoss, Iceland
4. Victoria Falls, Zambia
5. Skógafoss, Iceland
6. Multnomah Falls, USA
7. Yosemite Falls, USA
8. Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
9. Bridalveil Fall, USA
10. Snoqualmie Falls, USA
11. Horseshoe Falls, Canada
12. Goðafoss, Iceland
13. Havasu Falls, USA
14. Dettifoss, Iceland
15. Cascata delle Marmore, Italy
16. Jog Falls, India
17. Shoshone Falls, USA
18. Rhine Falls, Switzerland
19. Gocta Falls, Peru
20. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Source : Time Out. Photos : Shutterstock

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