Three New Wildlife Conservation Reserves In Rajasthan

Three new wildlife conservation reserves in Rajasthan

On Earth Day 2023, Rajasthan’s announced three new conservation reserves that will protect the rare and endangered wildlife of Rajasthan. These three new wildlife conservation reserves are Sorsan in Baran, Khichan in Jodhpur, and Hamirgarh in Bhilwara.

The Rajasthan Forest Department has set the conservation bar quite high with these new additions. Here’s how:

  • The grasslands of Sorsan in Baran will be a safe home for the Great Indian Bustard, a species that’s on the verge of extinction. As per the reports, only 200 of these Critically Endangered birds are left in the world.
  • Sorsan will not only protect the Great Indian Bustard, but will also protect blackbucks, the state animal of Rajasthan, whose numbers have declined drastically due to excessive hunting, habitat loss and rampant deforestation.
  • Every year, Khichan in Jodhpur, hosts thousands of migratory Demoiselle cranes. Now, with the tag of conservation reserve, Khichan will be a safe home to these birds who come to this part of the country to winter.
  • Khichan is also India’s first conservation reserve for Demoiselle cranes.
  • When areas are marked as conservation areas, It becomes mandatory for any developmental projects to get clearance as per the Forest Conservation Act, 1990. Any developmental projects within the conservation area need to get the approval of the National Board for Wildlife, and State Board of Wildlife.

With these three new additions, now there are 26 wildlife conservation reserves in Rajasthan. Some of the well-known conservation reserves are Bisalpur Conservation Reserve in Tonk, Jodbeed Gadhwala Bikaner Conservation Reserve in Bikaner, Khetri Bansyal Conservation Reserve in Jhunjhunu, and Jawai Bandh Leopard Conservation Reserve in Pali.

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