News at 9: Victoria in Canada has a biosphere certification, Archaeological remains of medieval temple discovered in Odisha

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Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Photo: istock

Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, has a biosphere certification, Archaeological remains of 13th-15th century medieval temple discovered in Odisha, In Denmark, you can borrow a ‘person’ instead of a ‘book’ in this library and more in top stories of the day.

Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, has a biosphere certification; know what’s special about it

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, Canada, has been awarded the prestigious Biosphere Certification, a special recognition given to destinations that promote sustainability.

What is a Biosphere Certificate?
A destination gets a Biosphere Certificate when it succeeds in creating an economic, socio-cultural and environmental balance whilst keeping in mind the needs of both tourists and the host destination. There has to be significant benefits for the destination, society and the environment in the process.

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Archaeological remains of 13th-15th century medieval temple discovered in Odisha

As per the latest development, Odisha’s Indian Natural Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has discovered the archaeological remains of a medieval era temple, near a railway station at Purushottampur Sasana village in Badachana block of the Jajpur district.

If reports are to go by, the temple ruins lay scattered at the base of a small hillock in an area of four acres, and is little bit away from the railway siding. On checking the ruins, it’s believed that they are of a large temple complex that had crumbled down with the passage of time. If reports are to go by, the base of the temple is still clearly visible, and there are also a large number of huge stone blocks, few religious sculptures, intricately carved stone panels, found scattered all across the site. The most notable stone panels depict war processions, royal processions, musical bands, elephants, and palanquins. Going by the iconography, it’s believed that the temple dates back to 13th or 14th Century CE.

As per the records, many archaeological remains have also been discovered in the nearby forts of Teligada, Amaravati, and Darpanagada.Earlier, in the nearby villages of Teligada and Dharamshala, the Rathayatra stone panel and a magnificent Krishna-Vishnu image was discovered, which has now been placed at the Odisha State Museum.

In Denmark, you can borrow a ‘person’ instead of a ‘book’ in this library

Any idea what a human library is? You must have been to libraries where you have access to innumerable books, pick books of your choice, and learn more about the things that you are interested in. So, this means at the ‘Human Library,’ people get to loan humans, instead of books, where ‘humans’ are referred to as the ‘books,’ and re-borrowed by readers, who are free to ask whatever question they want in order to better understand about the other person and to challenge their own prejudices.

Working on similar lines, an international not-for-profit organisation based in Denmark’s capital city has been making efforts since 2000 to offer people the chance to unjudge others with its ‘Human Library’. At this library, one gets to select a book, or say a person, and borrow it for 30 min, when you get to listen to the person’s story and ask them all types of questions. If you check its official website, the library explains that it serves as a safe space for dialogue, where people are encouraged to ask everything they want to know.

Till date, the Human Library has held events in more than 80 countries in libraries, museums, festivals, conferences, schools, and universities.

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