Kolkata’s Sienna Café is bringing Bengali cuisine to Delhi for Poila Baisakh, Punjab’s Baisakhi Mela and more


Kolkata’s well-known Sienna Café and Store is bringing Bengali cuisine to Delhi for a Poila Baisakh pop-up, Spring is here and so is Baisakhi Mela, World Jazz Festival to be held in Delhi in April and more in top stories of the day.

Kolkata’s well-known Sienna Café and Store is bringing Bengali cuisine to Delhi for a Poila Baisakh pop-up

This culinary showcase is a collaboration between Kolkata’s well-known Sienna Café and Store—which tells the story of Bengal through its food and design ethos—and The Lodhi, New Delhi. The conscious kitchen, helmed by chef Auroni Mookerjee, works with farmers, small-batch producers, home cooks and local artisans. The pop-up is inspired by the ‘bajaars’ or bazaars of Bengal and promises to take diners on a sojourn, showcasing indigenous ingredients with a limited-edition tasting menu.

The menu will feature all the courses traditionally found in Bengali dining. Starting with a bitter Neem Begun Rice Ball and Shukto Gazpacho, the meal will also include Sienna’s take on Malai Chingri, where the sauce will feature Japanese fish roe to give the dish an extra pop of umami. 

Available from April 14-16 at Perbacco, The Lodhi, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi. Tel: 011 43633333 for reservations

Spring is here and so is Baisakhi Mela!

Baisakhi Mela is just that, an important festival celebrated in the state of Punjab. This year, Baisakhi Mela falls on April 14, and will mark the beginning of the new solar year and the harvest season.

If you plan to be in Punjab for this festival, get ready to experience a lot of the outdoors because that’s what happens during Baisakhi Mela. During this time, the outdoors, especially the fields, are where everybody gathers in their festive wear along with a lot of music, dance and good food. It’s a great time to witness various cultural activities, including folk dances, music, and feasting on traditional Punjabi cuisine. The district administration is planning to organise the Baisakhi Mela on April 23 at Kanjli Wetland.

Third edition of World Jazz Festival to be held in Delhi in April

Come April 21, Delhi will welcome you to the musical extravaganza, that is, the third edition of the World Jazz Festival. It’s the rich history of Jazz combined with our very own Indian music, that’s making us so excited for this.

The World Jazz Festival is in collaboration with Amersfoort Jazz Festival from The Netherlands. This year, the World Jazz Festival will cover five Indian cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. This edition’s line-up includes Jazz musicians from countries like the Netherlands, USA, Thailand, Serbia, Brazil, South Korea and, of course, India.

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