Sleepless in Seattle 30th anniversary events set for Empire State Building, Space Needle

Sleepless in Seattle 30th anniversary events set for Empire State Building, Space Needle

New York City and Seattle have teamed up to host simultaneous celebrations in honor of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s classic rom-com.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the iconic Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan rom-com, New York City and Seattle — where the stars’ characters reside while becoming enamored with each other via radio broadcast — have partnered to host special events to honor the Nora Ephron classic.

Festivities kick off Friday with a sunset event called “It’s a Sign,” with both the Empire State Building and Space Needle lighting up concurrently in lavender and red, while a heart will spin in the tower’s mast in reference to a key moment from the film.

Other happenings include a sweepstakes offering a six-night trip to both cities, a free Saturday showing of Sleepless in Seattle at the Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheater, and a ticketed screening of the movie on July 9 on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building.

Finally, between June 29 and July 3 visitors to both city landmarks can recreate the movie’s poster by submitting their photos using the social media hashtag #Sleepless30, while the Space Needle will offer liquid courage to participants in the form of themed drinks including the Baltimore Sun, Teddy Bear, Never Settle, and Sleepless in Seattle martini.

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“The Empire State Building and its reimagined observatory have been featured in countless movie moments, and one of the most beloved for many will always be Sleepless in Seattle, which culminates at the top of the ‘World’s Most Romantic Building’ right here in the heart of Manhattan,” said Jean-Yves Ghazi, the president of the Empire State Building’s observatory, in a press statement. “We are delighted to honor the anniversary of such a film with our friends in Seattle and celebrate the warmth and love that fans continue to feel 30 years later as they watch the movie and then visit us to experience it for themselves.”

After its original June 1993 release, Sleepless in Seattle went on to become one of the most popular romantic comedies of the decade, grossing just under $228 million at the box office and scoring two nominations at the 1994 Oscars, for Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Song.

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